Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Youth of Today

The youth of today are - hopefully - the riders of tomorrow, and even further still in to the future.

They're the people who will bring in the money to keep the bike industry going, keep shops open, and maintain a variety of motorcycle-related businesses in business.

They spend that money, of course, if they're alive, and if they haven't given up biking through fear or being disillusioned - which might hapeen if they don't have the skills to enjoy their biking.

A recent idea from the West Of England Road Safety Partnership, is the 'Keep Your Wheels Up' web site aimed at younger riders.

Web Site

Rather than just be an 'information' site, or a directory of services, the site encourages participation - and not only that, it offers £rewards too!

Having created an account, a user can enter competitions to win spending money!

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