Saturday, 5 July 2008

The Mongolian Job

"Just nipping down the shops, dear"

Or a bit further . . .

Two Newbury teenagers are off on a fantastic voyage, not to the centre of the Earth, or . . . no, sorry, can't keep up with the film title theme ;)

They (the two teenagers) have a third 'companion' - an old Mini they've rebuilt, and are heading of on a 10,000 mile journey. Read more here

I've met one of the pair, Tim, before, in his 'day job' as an activities instructor - where he quickly took control of a group of Cubs and had them charging along the canal in Newbury, racing canoes. If he puts the same 'style' and enthusiasm in to this trip, the other teams will only see his dust (or mud).

Sponsor them here!

Go on, give them some cash! Have a great time, guys!

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