Thursday, 10 July 2008

Ride To Work & National Motorcycle Week

Not exactly a major event for me, as I ride to work most days, but still . . . gives a chance for some bikers to scare their colleagues by arriving in bike gear!

RIDE TO WORK DAY 2008 - Wednesday 16th July 2008

Ride to Work Day is a day for all bike and scooter users to get out and about on their bikes and ride to work, ideally with a pillion.

In the past, MCI produced an event pack to get people active and doing something that generated beneficial media coverage about life on two wheels. Organised ride-outs, a breakfast or BBQ, a charity event or an open day were just a few of the suggestions.

2008 Event Pack
2008 Event Poster

National Motorcycle Week

13th - 19th July 2008

National Motorcycle Week promotes motorcycling and scooter riding and the many benefits associated with it. It takes place in July to link in with other international events in countries such as USA and Germany.

The campaign aimed to demonstrate to the public, media and politicians the number of motorcyclists in the UK and at the same time it emphasises the important point that owners are from all walks of life, all ages and that riding has social, environmental and economic benefits.

The week is an occasion when people unite to highlight motorcycles and scooters by getting active and vocal by holding events, speaking to the press, converting friends or just getting out on their bike.

Why Promote National Motorcycle Week?

National Motorcycle Week aims to emphasise the exhilaration associated with riding a motorcycle or scooter, raise awareness about its many benefits and important transport and environmental issues. Each year a different theme is chosen to highlight specific issues and groups.

More information can be obtained from Craig in the MCI Press Office by emailing or calling 07979 757484.

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