Wednesday, 9 July 2008

More 'Safety' Technology

Hot on the heels (or wheels) of my previous post, through the letterbox arrived the latest Driving Instructors Association bi-monthly magazine Driving ("for the advanced driver and rider").

Included, a review of the new Renault Laguna GT.

This features 'Active Drive Chassis' - their name for their version of four-wheel steering.

Four-wheel steering is nothing 'new', having been used on various production cars.

However, this one works in two ways: below 38mph it steers the rear wheels slightly the opposite way to the fronts (for tighter turning), above it turns them the same way (for quicker steering).

No problem ther, so far.

What intrigued me was how it was described in the magazine. I have had a quick look on Renault's web site, and can't see the same 'advantage' described there, so it many be down to the journalist, but the phrase which caught my attention was:

" . . . and thus raises the safe cornering speed."

Err . . . really? Is 'safe' only limited by the vehicle's abilities?

OK, perhaps that's not what was meant, but if not it gives an odd impression of how 'safety' is seen by a magazine intended solely for instructors.

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