Thursday, 10 July 2008

Motorcyclists Drinking, and Kites

I wouldn't usually condone motorcyclists drinking.

Not while riding, anyway :)

However, I'd like to report part of a 'pub' conversation between myself, another rider, and a non-motorcyclist.

While we were chatting, for various reasons the subject of 'cornering' came up. The non-rider said "How complicated can it be, surely you just [insert leaning and steering action] around?"

And the point that got the attention of the two 'riders' was how he 'steered' in a 'direct' (ie 'car') fashion, rather than counter-steer.

So the conversation moved on to a basic over-view of counter-steering (aided by two beer mats acting as motorcycle wheels), and included me and non-rider resting the palms of our hands on the table edge and 'leaning' to feel the pressure change - and thinking how that would affect the movement of the handlebars.

Now, although he's a non-rider, he has ridden a bicycle.

Most cyclists probably aren't aware of how they actually intiate a turn.

My son has a kite (I'll explain the sudden change if subject in a moment), and while re-tying the broken strings I looked at the "How to fly your kite" instructions, where the manufacturers describe is as being like 'Steering a bicylce". Unfortunately, they don't know either - I wonder how many people struggle with their kites because they can't consciously steer a bicycle (or motorcycle)?

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