Thursday, 24 July 2008

Our Bins Collections Are Rubbish

West Berkshire has recently changed its waste collection service, with a heavy emphasis put on to increasing recycling. But the result of this has been an increase from a wheelie bin and two small baskets, to the original large black bin, a new, slightly smaller, green bin, two much larger baskets, and a large 'bag'.

Now, with your 'rider training' head on, you may have seen where this is going!

"Observation links!" I hear you cry. Quite right too, because this means that on the days when all the bins and baskets are out there are now likely to be three large collection vehicles hiding around the nearest blind corner.

Other things to remember are to check whether the bins and baskets are empty? You may not be able to tell about the bins (especially since some coucils insist on the bin lid being able to be closed), but you may find that emptied bins are replaced in more 'regimented' fashion (or haphazard) than when placed by residents.

What's the advantage of knowing if they've been emptied? Because empty wheelie bins have been known to take flight - or at least roll in to the road - during high winds, and since they're made (at least ours are) of black and grey plastic, they won't be too easy to see in the dark or through a wet visor.

There's another observation link you can make from bin locations - they'll show you where house entrances are located. That's worth knowing on the other days of the week, when emerging vehicles or other house occupants may be difficult to see or have limited views towards you.


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