Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Daytime Lights

Cards on the table: I'm not a fan of daytime lights, on any vehicle, in good natural light.

There are times when I will have my headlamp on in daylight, for example if it's misty, frosty, etc - ie when drivers may have obscured windows - or if I'm riding under dense tree canopy - especially on brighter days when the road can be quite dark and drivers' eyes adjusted for brighter sunlight.

So a couple of thoughts on the trend towards daytime lights on cars and other such vehicles:

1. Does anyone really need the aid of daytime headlamps (or 'aho' - automatic headlamp on) to see a bus?

2. If car makers insist we need daytime lights to see cars (Audi is the latest, with vast stripes of LEDs wrapped under their cars' headlamps), why do they still sell cars painted silver, grey, and black?

3. If my local bus company believes I need them to run with headlamps on all the time, why have they changed their bus paint scheme to camo grey ('silver') and green, or two-tone grey?

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