Saturday, 31 January 2009

Motorcycle Test latest

Latest news on the two-part motorcycle test:


A new motorcycle test will be introduced from April, the Government announced today.

Junior transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick said following a consultation the practical motorcycling test will now be split into two parts. Fees will also increase in October to £90.50.

The changes mean that learner riders will now have to pass a theory test, the new manoeuvres test and a practical on-road test. Previously they had to pass the theory and on-road tests.

Their introduction had been scheduled for last September but was postponed because of delays to new multi-purpose test centres which replace existing sites.

The changes have led to claims that some riders are having to travel long distances to get to a centre.

In a written statement to MPs, Mr Fitzpatrick said: "A two-part test will provide more delivery options, from a greater number of locations, enabling better utilisation of the current test centre estate and thereby offering improved geographic coverage.

"It will offer an improved level of customer service for motorcycling candidates and reduce the travel to test distance for some candidates.


DRIVING STANDARDS AGENCY News Release issued by COI News Distribution Service

29 January 2009

* DSA splits the new motorcycle test into two parts

* Increased number of test delivery points

* The new test can be booked from March 30

* A safer approach to motorcycle riding

A new two-part motorcycle test will be introduced in April, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) announced today.

The existing single-event test will be replaced by a new test that will be taken in two parts. Bookings will be taken from the 30 March at the latest, with the first tests taking place on 27 April.

Module 1 will contain the specified manoeuvres element of the test including exercises designed to assess the rider's ability to control their machine safely, including avoidance and emergency stop exercises.

Module 2 will include an eyesight test and at least 30 minutes of on road riding, assessing the rider's ability to safely interact with other road users.

DSA's Chief Executive Rosemary Thew said: "I would like to thank all those who took time to respond to our recent consultation on the future of the motorcycle test.

"We have listened to the motorcycling industry and introducing a two part test means we can provide more locations from which to conduct tests and offer a step-by-step, considered approach to learning to ride. Candidates will have time to absorb each separate important stage.

"DSA hopes to offer greater coverage of sites from which the Module 1 specified manoeuvres element of the test may be taken. We will also be able to use some of our existing test centres to conduct the on-road Module 2 tests. This should mean shorter journey times for candidates and trainers alike. "

The overall motorcycle test fee will remain unchanged in March. The existing fee will be split across both modules - so candidates only have to pay for each section of the test as they take it. The fee split will be £10.00 for Module 1 and £70.00 for Module 2.

As announced in the 2008/9 DSA Business plan, the cost of the motorcycling test will undergo its annual increment and rise to £90.50 in October 2009. The cost of Module 1 will then be £15.50 and Module 2, £75.00.

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