Sunday, 1 February 2009

Motorcycle Video Site

Ever thought it'd be a great idea to have all the good motorcycle videos on one site?

Without the dross, etc.?

No. Oh . . . OK :(

Well I did :)

And if I'd had more time I'd have set up a blog site to do so.

Now look what's happened: this site is doing just that!

Wellm it will do when I get down to being more careful about which ones I select! PsuedoTube allows video viewing without the hosting, or significant copying of code etc. It also has the great advantage that you the viewer can suggest a vid to be featured (subject to approval).

What you see from the link took not much more than half an hour to set up - including watching the 8 minute intro video!

As time allows, I'll gradually add more 'training' related videos - those on there at the moment were selected by simple searches which are automated by PsuedoTube.

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