Thursday, 1 January 2009

Keeping Warm

I'm a wimp, a wuss, don't mind admitting it.

And I like to be warm while motorcycling. Over the years I've tried many ways of staying warm on motorcycles, and used a variety of thermals and fleeces, neck warmers, gloves and liners.

But I'm also a fan of electricity :)

And as a result, for many years I suffered verbal abuse as a result of my heated gloves, through looking like a child with his gloves on elastic down their sleeves - while I had my heated liners thread through my bike jacket.

But I coud afford to be smug, as several miles later I'd be the only one who's fingers were working well-enough to undo a helmet strap (no 'seatbelt' fixings back then).

After a few years I graduated to heated grips. Not so effective, but much easier.

But even then, with the heated grips, thermals and fleeces, and thick Goretex-lined suit . . . I'd still get cold eventually.

So a couple of years ago I bought a heated waistcoat, and never looked back. Actually, without so much bulky clothing - particularly high collars etc. - it's easier to look back!

The one I have is an EXO2, and I bought the optional battery pack which keeps the 'kidney' area warm for up to 2 hours.

The EXO2 is 'smart' in that it only provides heat when you need it, and then switches off just as you start to think "That's hot!" (which in itself is a novelty for winter biking!). It has three separate panel 'areas': chest, shoulders, and kidney/lower back, and each switch independantly - giving the wonderful effect of a 'heat massage'. Luvverly :)

The jacket is washable, and I know from a friend's experience that the company's back-up service is quick and helpful too.

I have no connection apart from being a very satisfied (and warm) customer.

More info, 'how it works', and prices


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