Friday, 2 January 2009

Steel Spike

After lunch today, sat having a coffee, switched on the goggle box for the last few minutes of 'Police Interceptors'.

"We're getting too airy-fairy, we need to replace airbags with steel spikes"


I've posted before about 'safety technology' in cars, but I doubt steering wheel-mounted steel spikes will catch on with the legislators.



Ian said...

I believe that a great proportion of road users are utterly removed from the potential effects of their actions on the road and while steel spikes may not come to pass, as a comment from a professional involved in road safety about the effect of the ever more ridiculous safety aids foisted on these dull-witted drivers (and motorcycle riders) it is quite revealing as to the problem as they see it.

Ian said...

More on this....

Fifth Gear tested the new Volvo XC65 with 'City Safe' automatic braking (at sub 10mph if you don't have any 'inputs') the other day.

"It does work but only if you are stupid enough to not know your car is crashing in the first place. Not good for evolution if you ask me, the idiots should get it"