Thursday, 8 January 2009

Standard Fireworks?

# "Light up the sky, with . . . "

Went the old ad.

Now there's a hi-tech method:


"Lovely idea" you might think, especially since they'll tell you how much further away you can be seen . . . but as with any 'conscpicuity aid', what message will the person seeing it 'get'?

If they see a glowing panel a few inches long, will it tell them "Person in the road - I must slow down!"? Especially when they'll need to be almost on top of you (not literally, I'd hope) to read the 'sign'.

However, their range of items includes hats and badges, and one of the road users who may benefit from hi-viz gear are pedestrians - if only to get a driver's attention early. But having a message on it is probably pointless. In my humble opinion. :)

My 200th post, by the way!


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