Saturday, 24 January 2009

In Threes?

If you read my article 'Superstitions Can Kill You', available here on the UKbike blog, you'll have a fair idea about how I view such things.

So I have to admit that my confidence in my disbelief of a well-known saying took a serious knock yesterday.

'Bad things come in threes'

I'm sure you'll have heard it, but I've always said to people "But that's when you stop counting!".

On Thursday I logged into The Rev Counter forum, to read that a regular contributor - and from what I could tell from his posts, a thoroughly nice guy, had been killed in a collision.

The yesterday I eagerly opened the newly-delivered BMF Rider magazine, to read obituries of two old friends.

RIP George 'Foxy' Small, Bill Nicol, and Barry Pope.

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Ian said...

Things happen in threes because you are looking for them.

If one thing happens there is nothing odd - it just happens.

If two similar things happen close together then that is a coincidence.

The same thing rarely happens three times in close succession - but when it does, because you believe that bad things happen in threes, you remember it!