Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Back Off!

Yesterday's post was just a link - I left you with the task of clicking and reading :)

Today, I'll reveal what you missed if you didn't click and read.

The idea is a new graphic to be applied to the back of buses or lorries, but the clever bit is that at a certain viewing distance the text fades away!

Click on the image to increase its size, then move away from your screen and see the result.

So: a high-tech version of the old sticker "If you can read this you're too close".

But I think a more 'visual' graphic would be better. So combine another well-known image with a less well-known optical phenomenom.

I'll have to leave the final result to your imagination.

But remember what this achieves: someone concentrating hard on the back of the bus, and adjusting their distance to 'see what happens'. Then wait for the bus to brake hard - then see what happens!

As before, click to enlarge, then move close to the screen and back away - watch for the result!


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