Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Yo! Respect!

Ever stood beside a really busy motorway, on the hard shoulder or grass verge?

It's a very noisy, scary, place to be.

And for some people, it's their every-day working environment. And a dnagerous environment too . . .

Quite a range of workers find themselves in danger - it's quite a long list, including police, fire and ambulance (and 'BASICS' doctors), breakdown & recovery crews (such as AA, RAC, Green Flag etc. for smaller vehicles, and the 'heavy lift' teams for commercial vehicles, then there's the Highways Agency's Traffic Officers, supported by the Incident Support Units, and also the teams working on maintenance and urgent repairs.

And it's this last group, the maintenance crews, who are the subject of the Highways Agnecy's new 'Respect' campaign. You'll see one of the posters here, but the videos are worth a watch too.

HA campaign details

Video Mpeg High Quality

There are other formats & quality levels available: Video alternatives

There's also a longer video, radio ads. and posters.


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