Friday, 19 December 2008

Fluoro posts? They're like buses . . . There'll be another along in a minute!

The problem I was thinking about was that if wearing/using 'day-glo' is a requirement then there has to be a legal definition of what it is.

Doesn't there?

Probably. :)

But like buying anything from new, you're on your own as far as wear and tear goes.

There is a specification for hi-viz clothing - BS EN 471 if I remember it correctly. And that tells you what the background fabric has to be, and what size and position the reflective stripes have to be.

Hwever, when it wears out, the stripes peel, and the colour fades through age or washing, it's up to the individual user to get another. [As far as I know. I don't intend in the near future to pull up at some roadworks and ask :) ]

Interestingly (well, for me . . . ] there are various 'ways' of designing retro-reflective patterns for hi-viz clothing, although EN 471 only defines one: 'hoops and shoulder stripes'.

There's also what are known in the hi-viz trade as 'stickman' (a 'skeleton' effect) and bio-motion (where the reflective areas are positioned to identify 'human' motion.

All have their benefits and drawbacks.

"Ha!" I hear you cry "Why not cobvine them all and have the 'perfect' suit?" Lovely idea - for night-time use - but you'd have replaced all the 'dayglo' so it would be less effective in daytime.


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