Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Good, The Bad, and . . . well . . .

I've given the DSA some stick over the last few months over the MPTC (Multi Purpose Test Centres) and the new motorcycle test.

But fair do's, they done something good about it!

A new DVD, supplied to ATBs (that's organisations authorised to conduct training), and an information pack, about the new test.

It's not a 'training' DVD as such, more an overview to put your mind at rest, but it's worth a watch.

This site - Bedworth Rider Training - suggests you can watch the video via their site. But I can't.

A quick look on Youtube found this.

Now the 'bad'. I'm on the DSA's e-mail alert list. So you'd have thought they'd have proudly announced this great new DVD . . . No.

OK, perhaps they'll have e-mailed details of their latest consultation on motorcycle test fee rises, and making the two-part test 'modular' (ie splitting it in to two parts taken separtely, rather than the on-road immediately after the off-road). But no . .

Oh well . . .


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