Friday, 19 December 2008

Anyone have a Zil limousine?

I really don't know what to make of this . . .

Part of the planning for the 2012 London Olympics is the possible (likely?) creation of VIP only lanes on motorways and trunk roads across the the UK.

Have some links, save me copying the text, and video too:

ITN (you can even buy the video if you want!)

Mail 250 miles, they say . . .

More than 250 miles of road are to be reserved for VIPs during the London Olympics.

Up to 80,000 officials, sponsors, politicians and athletes will have congestion0free lanes in London and at other venues.

Ordinary motorists face fines if they stray on to the reserved routes, which include sections of the M25. Challenging the fines could lead to a penalty of up to £5,000.

More than 250 miles of road are to be reserved for VIPs during the London Olympics - with ordinary motorists facing fines if they stray on to the designated routes
More than 200 traffic lights will be adapted to keep Olympic officials on the move in 2012.

Critics said the plans - outlined in a Department for Transport consultation paper yesterday - owed much to Soviet-style 'Zil lanes'.

In Communist times, these were used by high-ranking party and state officials to get around Moscow in their Zil limousines.

For the 2012 Games it is thought that key roads leading to the main stadium in Stratford, East London, will come under the Olympic Route Network, as are routes to and from Heathrow, under plans outlined by transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick.

The network will cover the Olympic sailing venue at Weymouth in Dorset and rowing events at Eton Dorney in Berkshire.

Hugh Sumner, Olympics transport director, said no public routes would be shut.

Thirty miles of the network might be assigned as 'Games lanes' - reserved lanes on dual carriageways and motorways. Mr Fitzpatrick-said: 'The network will be vital for transporting the Games Family and keeping our country moving during the Games.'

But AA president Edmund King said: 'The network will cause congestion for buses, taxis and other road users.


PS For those who don't know (ie aren't old enough), Chaika lanes (called after the predecessor to the Zil limousines) ran down the centre of all major Russian highways and main streets in major cities. In theory they were designed for emergency vehicles, in practice they were a perk for ministers and other high-ups in the Communist system.

In Putin’s Russia use of the Chaika lane is open to all. All, that is, who can afford the $25,000 a year rental. But, for their $25K not only do users get to use the lanes they also get a permission to have a siren and flashing blue light fitted to their own car and an escort.




Maryland Limo said...

On my first look on it, I didn't notice that it was limousine rather just an old plain car. This might be an old limousine yet still working. fl

Malcolm Palmer . . . said...

Hi ML,

Thanks for your comment.

It's worth bearing in mind what the Communist Bloc had to offer in the way of 'ordinary' transport.



Rathna said...

Does the picture shows the model of old limousine? I am seeing it for the first time,it appears like other normal car.What are the luxury eminities did the old limousine had?Can you please share with me?

Diya said...

Old Limousine looks great na? Either its old or new it has its own pride.

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