Tuesday, 2 December 2008

"Water Water" Part 2

A few posts back I mentioned that Ch 5's 'Gadget Show' would be testing PMR radios.

Well . . . I missed the prog. and can't find the results as a 'best buy' on their site, but you can find out the answer to "Is digital better?" here.

According to this site:

The Gadget Show, broadcast on the UK TV station Channel 5, recently compared two PMR446 walkie talkies, the ICOM Digital F4029SDR and the Motorola FM TLKR-T7.

The Gadget Show Wild Challenge took to the Lake District to pit old technology FM analog voice, in the form of the Motorola, against the new ICOM using the Digital PMR446 standard. As might be expected the Digital ICOM proved superior to the FM Motorola.

This particular digital technology uses 4FSK/FDMA modulation and supports both voice and data. It operates with 6.25 kHz channel spacing instead of the 12.5 kHz channels required for FM enabling twice as many channels to be carried in the same spectrum.

Icom IC-F4029SDR Transceiver for Digital PMR 446

PMR Digital Voice - NXDN™

OFCOM Digital PMR446 Interface Requirement IR2009


CMX7141 Digital PMR Processor


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