Friday, 19 December 2008

Tail lights?

Well, this is a follow-on to the 'glowing' day-glo post . . .

Ian commented about fading.

Which leads to a good point that day-glo clothing has its own problems regarding 'maintenance'.

Fading, as Ian says, is an issue. Fluorescent dyes - like all dyes - fade in bright sunlight, and if used often the clothing will lose its fluorescent effect. Indeed, Aerostich have recently recalled and replaced a number of their Roadcrafter suits which suffered from premature fading of their fluoro yellow fabric.

The average 'roadworker' dayglo vest will often have washing instructions (whether they're used or not is another matter) which warn that the item must not be washed more than about a dozen times. I wonder if 'rain' counts as 'washing'?

Which leads to another point: some retroreflective materials - such as some of the 'silver' stripes you'll see on hi-viz clothing - doesn't work effetively when wet! Exactly the occasion when you might benefit from it!


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Ian said...

So, what is 'day-glo'or hi-viz? Can it be (or is it ever) measured?

At some point 'hi-viz' just becomes 'yellow' or even less.