Saturday, 28 November 2009

Compendium of motorcycling statistics - 2009 edition

On 29 October 2009 Transport Statistics, DfT, issued figures covering all types of two-wheeled motor vehicle transport, with the statistics presented in four sections: Motorcyclists (statistics on motorcycle ownership and training); Motorcycles (information about the vehicles and their characteristics); Journeys made (their number, purpose and characteristics); and Motorcycling safety (statistics on road accidents involving motorcycles). The key findings include:
• In 2008, just under 3% of households had at least one motorcycle, with about 1.3 million licensed motorcycles in Great Britain in 2008
• Of the 105,000 motorcycle tests carried out in 2008/09, 85% were taken by men
• Over a million motorcycles underwent an MOT test in 2008/09. Of these, 81% passed
• The distance driven by motorcycles in 2008 was 5.1 million vehicle kilometres, down 8% on 2007
• In 2008 the number of deaths or serious injuries involving motorcycles was 1,131 per billion kms driven. A decade earlier it was 23% higher
• In 2008, of the motorcycle drivers tested following an accident, only 1.4% failed a breathalyser test - significantly lower than the 2.7% rate for road users as a whole.
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