Monday, 16 November 2009

I Have Seen . . .

An 'older vehicles' theme this time.

- A 'James Bond' type Aston Martin, in the centre of London. Don't know if it was actually a DB5 or 6 - but it wasn't hanging about. SMERSH on it's tail, perhaps?

- A Moto Guzzi V50, in silver, with the mini-'Spada' three-part fairing. I had a red V50, with a 'California'-style screen & crash bars.

- An NSU RO80. Sadly, this was rather decrepit, and on the back of a lorry. Hopefully, going to a caring place & owner.

Not an older vehicle, but heading West along the M4 late at night, a Bently with the registration 'D11SCO'. John Travolta, perhaps? Or Gloria gaynor?


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