Saturday, 14 November 2009

What Type of Rider are You?

Are you one of these:

• Performance disciples: precautionary fatalism: see risk as unavoidable negative of riding but tend not to think about it all the time – emphasis on personal skill and armour as responses to risk.
• Performance hobbyists: cautious attraction: see risk as part of what makes riding fun, but very circumspect about own abilities to deal with risks, leading to caution in behaviour.
• Riding disciples: active management of risks: highly conscious of potential risk in riding, take active steps to manage it by responsible riding behaviour and use of gear.
• Riding hobbyists: personal responsibility for avoiding risk: highly conscious of risk, tendency to avoid potentially risky situations altogether, and to emphasise rider’s responsibility for risks.
• Car rejecters: high awareness and high unhappiness: very sensitive to the risks of riding, and see this as a strong argument against riding.
• Car aspirants: low awareness but high educability: tend not to think about the risks of riding and as a result may not take steps to manage them; but signs that they will take steps when the risks are pointed out to them.
• Look-at-me enthusiasts: blasé confidence: recognise risks of riding in general, but see themselves as relatively safe; plus strong tendency to see risk as part of what makes riding fun, and to engage in risky behaviours.

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Nikos said...

Put me down as a performance hobbyist!

Have a beard and ride a BMW...

Ian said...

I think I'm probably a 'Riding Disciple'