Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Regular Readers . . .

. . . May have noticed a [now missing] 'comment' appear on the end of a recent post.

I like reading your comments, you may think of a different 'twist' to how I see things.

However, this one was different, it was a blatant plug for a web site, complete with html link.

Now, such posts can be a legitimate way of advertising. In fact, if I'd received an email from the owner I might even have posted about the site.

But 'free' advertising for no contribution? No, sorry, Comment >>> 'Bin'.

But out of curiosity I had a look around the site . . . Advertising . . . If I want to advertise on their site, then a 'Button' is £25 per month.

Definately staying in the bin!


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