Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Roundabouts . . .


I 'grew up', as far as riding and driving goes, in Basingstoke (aka 'Donut City' to the CB radio crew) and have never had any concerns about them.

But some folk take things a bit far . . .

Roundabouts of Britain might be seen as an example of this.

As with Riders for Health, this site has a shop too - so plenty of Christmas present ideas!

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AlistairL said...

Basingstoke! I just spent 10 weeks working in Basingstoke.

Anonymous said...

Basingstoke has changed significantly in the time I've known it, from - a few childhood memories only - a small market town, to a concrete monstrosity with nothing for anyone to do, through to a thoroughly modern town with all the identikit amenities anyone could possibly want ;)