Friday, 26 September 2008

UK Roads - Motorcycle Accidents

If you're interested in statistics about accidents (or crashes, or road traffic collisions - whichever term you prefer), the latest DfT figures have just been released here.


Casualties per billion passenger Kilometers 1997-2006
Motorcycles: 119 112 113 122 112 111 120 104 98 107

Although this rate is staying relatively constant, because the rates for other types of road user are falling . . .

" . . . a greater proportion of motorcycle rider/passenger fatalities (20% compared to 13%)"

Where and how do fatal crashes happen?

31% of motorcyclists killed were in an accident involving a car. A fifth of motorcycle fatalities were in single vehicle accidents.

Over 40% of car, HGV, LGV and motorcycle fatalities occurred on rural A roads

• A third of fatalities resulting from reported personal injury road accidents had the contributory factor ‘Loss of control’ attributed to the accident. 22% had ‘Failed to look properly’ and 17% had ‘Careless, reckless or in a hurry’.
• Motorcycles and cars were the main vehicle types with the loss of control contributory factor.
• Two thirds of contributory factors reported were associated with driver/rider error or reaction, whilst 31% were factors relating to injudicious action. 27% were behaviour or inexperience related factors.


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