Monday, 29 September 2008

New Drivers - 6 Point Ban

AutoExpress reports that:

Shock increase in ‘new driver’ bans
Massive numbers now breaking ‘six-point rule’, but only half of those who lose licence resit test.

Nearly 1,200 new drivers lose their licence every month, DVLA figures have revealed.

But almost half of these don’t bother to retake their test, Auto Express has discovered, prompting speculation that many are driving unlicensed.

Novices only have to clock up six penalty points in the first two years to be stripped of their permit under the New Drivers Act. And since the law was introduced at the end of 1997, a whopping 154,489 motorists have been caught out.

However, the DVLA figures also show that only 82,339 went on to retake their test after having it removed – leaving 72,150 still without a licence.

To climb back behind the wheel, these new drivers must retake the entire test, including sitting the theory exam. And even if they pass again, the points stay on their licence. They also face a premium hike of around 25 per cent.

But banned drivers could be tempted to break the law instead, according to the RAC Foundation. Deputy director Sheila Rainger said: “We’re very worried young motorists who don’t retake just drive illegally. The Government needs to look into what’s happening to these ‘missing drivers’.” Details stored in the DVLA database should be used to track them, says British School of Motoring road safety consultant Robin Cummins, also former chief driving examiner. He said: “It could check what happens to their cars. Are they still the registered owner?”


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