Wednesday, 24 September 2008

'Safety' - Really A 'Good Idea'?

I have lots of ideas. Some of them I consider worth writing down (or typing), and some of them even make it as far as here or other training 'end users', whether as web site articles, training manuals, or articles.

Even then, these ideas may have a limited audience.

However . . . I've joined 'signed up' to a new initiative which should allow a wider audience.

Which is nice :)

The team behind behind UKBike are starting a new blog - but being a bit crafty (and following some of the 'best advice' on how to create blogs) by using existing bloggers, like me, and putting the content in front of a wider audience.

Starting soon, here:

UKBike blogspot


1 comment:

Tom Nagle said...

Hi Malcolm

I'm not sure I'd agree with the word 'crafty'! Thanks for the plug though, much appreciated :)

All the best, Tom