Monday, 18 August 2008

Somerset Better Biking DVD

The Somerset Road Safety Partnership has just released its new Better Biking DVD. It's a 'promo' DVD, emphasising that the ‘rider’ is where most benefit can be gained, by spending some time and a bit if money.

Productions like this are never going to be box office hits, but this one manages to avoid being too 'preachy', while giving enough facts about the true causes of fatal crashes - the rider - to offend those who believe that all crashes are the fault of 'cagers'.

The 'preachy' bit is mainly at the start. When a character says: "You be careful" you just *know* what's going to happen . . . but with the scene in the ambulance it turned 'upwards'.

The main focus is on encouraging riders to attend the local police ‘Bikesafe’ days and 'Ride to Arrive' weekends, or take IAM ‘training’ (really?).

Amusingly, when, towards the end, they show the group of riders going around a hairpin, I thought the lead rider's (female, Triumph?) line on the exit was better than the copper's :)

The main presenter has an 'easy' manner which probably covers a lot of skill (voice reminds me of the original HitchHikers Guide radio prog. narator). He’s a local TV news anchor man.

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AlistairL said...

Do they give the DVD away to interested parties?

Jim said...

Absolutely Alistair. Copies are available in most dealers in Somerset but if you drop me an email via the Somerset Road Safety Partnership website with your address then we can post a copy.

Jim said...

We've now uploaded a copy to the website:

AlistairL said...

Excellent. I'll download the big version to save you postage etc.

AlistairL said...

Cheers to Jim for uploading the video - nicely put together - I wish they would promote bikesafe a bit better in Lothian and Borders. It was interesting to see how the Bike Cops UK riders had aged a little - I share the Scottish heritage of Billy G-B, going gray but not bald :) And although I am in with the IAM - what about Roadar ?? Anyway - nice one!!!