Thursday, 21 August 2008

Car slopes off on road to nowhere

BBC News

A four wheel drive vehicle had its "off road" capabilities tested when it was apparently left in a Dartmoor car park with the hand brake off.

The Land Rover Freelander stayed upright despite sliding about 250ft (76m) down a slope.

The incident happened near Holne in Devon on Sunday.

Recovery crews were called to the scene to try to get the vehicle back on the road. Devon and Cornwall Police said that it was eventually retrieved.

Witness Nicholas Clegg, who took photographs of the vehicle after it had slid, said he looked on in disbelief at how the car managed to stay upright after rolling down the steep hill.

Mr Clegg, from Yeovil, Somerset, who was on a day trip with his son, said: "I can imagine how it would have stayed upright as it started to go downhill, but for it to stay upright across that terrain was remarkable."


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