Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Bike Show - Display Yours?

A Freewheelers EVS ('bloodrunners' in the Bristol area) member writes:

On 23rd and 24th August, Freewheelers are holding a Bike Show on (the unburnt bit of!) Weston Pier.

We need bikes for it ! So ... any of you that are in bike clubs for anything slightly different - Hogs, off-road, vintage or veteran bikes, trikes, possibly even a well-turned-out collection of Pans or 'Wings [yes OK or GS's] - we'd like to hear from you if you'd be interested in exhibiting.

As per the title, this will benefit both the Pier - which can do with all the help it can get at the moment - and Freewheelers, who get to 'delicately offer the opportunity to donate money to' people who then come to look at aforementioned bikes.

Contact Allan Roberts: 01278 789145


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