Thursday, 21 August 2008

Garden Art With a Twist - Hang A Banner!

Although just looking outside lately has been a better option for gardening than actually being out there - less outdoor 'rooms, more outdoor 'bathrooms and showers' - the area of garden art (known as 'yard art' in the USA) is one that's expanding now in the UK.

One new product makes 'decorating' your garden easy: you can hang garden art on your fences, walls, and trellis using the unique TeaselArt garden banners. They're ideal for both larger gardens, where the striking designs can be viewed from a distance, (garden example) and for patios' decking, or terraces where they will provide a stunning focal point. (Deck example)

Although they can be used indoors too, Teasel Art garden banners are a quick and easy way to improve your garden. The banners are supplied with four elasticated toggles, they can be hung in moments.

TeaselArt garden banners are currently available in a range of six designs, inspired by various styles of artwork. Designs include 'Mackintosh', 'Warhol', 'Celtic Cross', and Chinese characters for 'Peace'. Another design features the 'teasel' plant seed head.

TeaselArt design gallery

Besides hanging garden art to decorate a 'blank' are, the banners could also be used to 'hide' and unsightly area of your garden.

The banners - all limited editions - are machine washable, and supplied by post in a strong storage tube along with a numbered certificate signed by the designer which explains the theme behind the design.

Further info: Teasel Garden Art


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