Thursday, 8 May 2008

Signs & Crashes

If it's summer - by the shorts-wearing scooterist - the it's 'silly season' for the journalists already!

One of the old favourites, 'Star Signs & Safer Drivers' has made a reappearance:

A survey of more than 700,000 motor claims over a five-year period showed a strong link between drivers’ Zodiac signs and the likelihood of being involved in a road accident.

People born under Sagittarius and Scorpio tied for first place as the best drivers, with the prominent characteristics of determination and cheerfulness attributed to those signs leading to the fewest accidents.

Libra came a close third, with Librans supposed natural tendency towards balance and diplomacy making for a safe driving combination.

Drivers born under Aries were the worst, accounting for nearly 9 per cent of all road accidents.

Gemini and Taurus were the next most dangerous star signs

It's almost believable until you read:
“While this survey yields some surprising results, consumers can rest assured that The Co-operative Insurance will not be considering adding ‘star sign’ to our list of rating factors in the future,” said David Neave, the Co-operative Insurance’s director of general insurance.

An insurance company not taking crash likelyhood into consideration? OK, so young drivers in quick cars won't be loaded either? No, thought not . . .

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