Friday, 23 May 2008

DSA Investigate Unqualified Instructors

According to AutoExpress, more than 400 unqualified instructors are under investigation by the DSA.

The DSA is uurging learners to check their instructor is actually qualified. They suggest that the spiralling cost of tuition and the demand for cut-price instruction is tempting criminals into setting up bogus driving schools.

DSA say a number of firms are run by tutors who started instructor training, but failed to finish their courses, others are still practising after being struck off the register.

How can you tell? Bona fide instructors need to display an in-date pink licence or green certificate in their windscreen during lessons. They should also carry photographic ID along with their paperwork.

DSA spokeswoman Michelle Moston said: “If illegal instructors are on our roads, they haven’t passed the Agency’s rigorous three-part test and could be putting lives at risk.”

Note: there are approx. 45,000 qualified ADIs in the UK

But the cynic in me can't help but note that this appeared just a few days after the Driving Instructors Association launched a scathing attack on DSA for ignoring instructor's concerns . . .

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