Thursday, 1 May 2008

Can you blame them?

It seems that the May Day Bank Holiday wekend has been declared 'National Biker Vs Police Day', with notification from several forces that they'll be running campaigns targetted specifically at bikes.

Or, more accurately, their riders . . .

But can you blame the police? When you hear quotes like this one from Kent police:
"Statistics show that a quarter of serious road collisions involve motorcycles,even though only one in 100 road users is a rider."
Then they'd be in serious trouble if they ignored the problem.

And, much as 'we' don't like the suggestion, it's 'us' that are the problem - and we give the authorities the amunition they need to plan these campaigns.

Whether they do any 'good' is another matter, of course. And part of the anti- feeling that these campaigns cause is created by the concentration on 'non-safety' items like small number plates.

Unfortunately, there is a proven link between 'law breaking' attitude and 'road safety', so perhaps there's a thesis in the making for a motorcycle-oriented PhD student?

Whatever, if you're on the road this weekend, on a bike, don't be too surprised if you're stopped for a chat.

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