Saturday, 3 May 2008

BMF Rider Training - a new direction (at long last?)

The voluntary training group (North Hampshire Motorcycle Training Scheme) I was with for many years rose from the ashes of the old RAC/ACU scheme, which was shut down when the 'Part One' test was introduced in 1982.

To act as umbrella groups for the 360-odd newly 'homeless' training centres, both RoSPA and the BMF set up their own training organisations, the RoSPA one receiving significant funding from the Government.

However, within months the BMF-RTS ('Rider Training Scheme', and a registered charity) became the bigger of the two, eventually numbering over 180 training centres across the UK, from Cornwall to The Orkneys, via Northern Ireland.

However, times changed, and the 'voluntary' and charitable aspects became less important and viable, so the 'RTS' was quietly closed down a couple of years ago, to be replaced by BMF Rider Training.

A new venture by the BMF is track-based training, run (as is much of the BMF 'events') by an outside contractor, VNE Consulting, who have a seriously impressive 'bike racing' heritage in their staff.

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