Sunday, 25 May 2008

Pop-Up Road Signs?

Would you ride (or drvie) in to a wall? Probably not. But a new, and novel, suggestion for a pop-up 'sign' brings in the 'fear' of hitting an obstruction by using a 'virtual' wall across the road to warn drivers of pedestrians crossing.

Using laser or plasma beams, it projects 'pedestrians' in front of drivers.

It’s the brainchild of young South Korean product designer Hanyoung Lee, who wanted to do something about the number of near-misses at traffic lights. He explained that the project was still at concept stage, but said he was looking to produce a prototype in the near future. And he added that the wall could also be set up to be triggered by the sound of approaching cars. Local authorities across the US are said to be interested in the idea, and Hanyoung maintained that it could save many lives. He told us: “I would love to see it in production, although unfortunately I haven’t received any offers yet.”


mysafetysign said...
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mysafetysign said...

it is really a very good idea to use pop up Safety Signs. It can save a lot of lives.