Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tree Fellers in a Car . . .

Have you heard this one?

So: how do you get a tree trucnk stuck in your car?


Kiwis run big logging outfits known as 'stem trucks' which carry long trimmed trunks that hang off the back of a tractor trailer/dolly combination. All legal and above board.

The story:

It seems that driver of Mack stem truck no: 521 Bill Groves was quietly minding his own business trundling down the Goudies Road some two klicks south from the Burn Road intersection road with a full load on when a bloke driving a Ford Telstar TX5, travelling at quite a lick ran up the rear of the truck. Whereupon, two overhanging stems passed through the windscreen and out the rear window, somehow missing the three occupants of the car!

The car then travelled 7 meters up the logs before hitting the rear bumper of the truck with such force that it then jammed under the bumper and was suspended off the ground by the two logs that had gone through the windscreen! The occupants of the car then jumped out onto the road....However, that's only the start of it as the driver of good old 521 (Bill Groves) was unaware of the incident and continued on his journey along Goudies for 2.8 kms and down Pukapuka Road for a further 3.4Kms.

Meanwhile, up ahead was RFH stems unit No 655 travelling up Pukapuka empty. 521 slowed to pass. In doing so the dust reduced to the stage where Bill saw a part of the car's front bumper in his rear vision mirror.

Naturally, he asked Jimmy (on R/T) what was behind him. Jimmy advised him a car was hanging off the stems unit although on inspection the found no passengers in the car. Bill left the truck and went with Jimmy to locate the driver and subsequently found him and his passengers on the side of the road near to the scene of the collision on Goudies Rd. (The ambulance and police arrived)

Driver of car stated he was familiar with the Road and stems trucks. Also stated he was travelling in light dust but did not think a truck was ahead of him even when he drove into thick dust.States he applied the brakes and when he saw the truck he looked at his speedo and was travelling at 80 kph...."


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