Monday, 25 January 2010

Pre-Ride Briefing

Following on from yesterday's reminder card, I carry a laminated prompt card, which is read and explained to all trainees and candidates, so there are no (well, 'fewer') misunderstandings. Most trainees sent the content prior to the session as part of pre-training notes.

Road Riding Briefing:
Follow the road ahead unless given directions; If unsure, look for my signals;
If separated from me, find a safe place to stop and wait;

’Fall back’ procedure to previous stop.

‘Stop’ procedure – How I will signal you to stop;

Ride for yourself, ignore my positioning – also overtaking;

Make your decisions on what you think is right;

Ride at a pace at which you are comfortable – do not feel under pressure;

Speed limits - no exemptions;
• The session should be enjoyable, but you cannot be assessed if I cannot see you, therefore if you cannot see me in your rear view mirror, consider finding somewhere to slow up as I may have been obstructed;

• Learning Intention & Success Criteria of session;
• Any questions?


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