Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Next Bike Training Must-Have Gadget?

Radios? Pah! Old hat, we've gone through the 49Mhz, works for 100yards, stuff, onto PMR - with some riders now using Bluetooth.

Video? Pah! [Well, not me] Multi-cam set-ups, burned to DVD or shown during a rest stop on a hand-held device.

No, this has to be the Next Big Thing!

DIGI Lean Digital Display
Just how good are you?

Your speedometer might tell you how fast you’re travelling but the Acumen DIGI Lean will record your acceleration / braking G-force and lean angles. Quite possibly the ultimate track day tool, this is the coolest trip computer for the sports bike rider or track day addict.
• Acceleration (shown in G)
• Deceleration (shown in G)
• Maximum lean angle since ignition last switched on
• Clock (date and time)

There is also an option to display the previous maximum lean angle; for example, if you’ve just completed a sweeping bend, you can press the button to reveal your ‘angle of dangle’ (for safety reasons this function only works when the machine has returned to vertical).

Fitting is straightforward, with only three wires to connect (one to power, one to ignition and the third to ground). Designed for universal mount and supplied in a robust billet aluminium housing.

Remember - when you go searching for one to keep gadget-level with your friends ;) - you read it first here!



Barneydinosaur said...

I've managed a lean angle of just over 90 degrees.

Then..feet shoulder-width apart, back straight......

Bitz for Bikes said...

Definately a super gadget for Summer track days - nice post. Now, off to find a supplier!