Sunday, 24 January 2010

New Rider Reminder Card

'Back to biking' rider (aka the 'born again'), or recently passed gained your CBT?

This is the reminder list I used to pass out in credit card-sized, laminated, form to be carried in the rider's wallet and referred to regularly.

Clutch Biting Point – it must be instinctive.

Head & Eyes Up –
Trust your hands and feet, they know
where they are;

Look where you want to go

‘Wrist down’ on the throttle

Drive Through Corners And Roundabouts –
Slow in, Fast(er) out.

Brakes, then Gears, in a straight line.

Always Stop With The Bike Upright.

Feet Up In Tight Turns –
Rear brake only

The reminders are key elements of the training day.


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