Tuesday, 20 October 2009

"Z Line" Comment

An anonymous reader left this comment after reading as far as the second Z Line post:


Anonymous said...
I really wanted to understand your premise. However, after reading two paragraphs my eyes started to glaze over. I felt I was reading first chapter to a thesis. :-(

To be honest, the writer is correct.

I've been posting on various internet forums about Z Line for several years, and often had to go through the same detail or background, although not always all of it.

So the Z Line set of posts was an attempt to document it all - reason, history, actions, in one place.

Even more correct while being incorrect - because I didn't write that chunk! It's introduced: The following is from material written by Stephen Prower, formerly Research Officer for the BMF

That said, the set of posts is not perfect - and a 2 minute Youtube video would probably cover most of the 'actions' side of things. One day . . .


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Nikos said...

There is also the stunningly obvious issue that small objects are perceived to be further away!

I can't quite make out whether this paper addresses that.