Friday, 16 October 2009

Prevent - slow the thief

Prevent - slow the thief

Use devices which will cause the thief unacceptable delay, and ensure noisy 'breaking' methods required:

Lock - Disklock, chain, ground anchor/rail/other bike's chain (NB if your bike is in a wooden shed, how easy is it to remove any restraint or anchoring? Also, do you store all your tools in the same building with the secured bike?) 'Cable' locks are of little use as they can easily be cut, and light-weight chains can easily be cropped. Even substantial U-locks can be broken. Be wary of any cheap lock, or any lock which has plastic pieces on the housing, or which has cast sections - this can easily be shattered.

Immobilisers are fitted as standard to some bikes, and can be retro-fitted to others. They're an over-ride which stops the ignition from being hot-wired to be ridden away, but they won't stop a van being used to transprt a bike away.

Ground anchors are usually designed to be 'sunk' in to the ground and concreted in place. If you are unable to fix a ground anchor (perhaps in rented accomodation) a simple, cheap, option is the 'bucket-o-crete' - a cheap plastic storage crate filled with concrete and steel, and with a tube through which a heavy chain can be threaded.


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