Thursday, 15 October 2009

Deter - stop the attempted theft before it’s started

Deter - stop the attempted theft before it’s started

Options include:
Apply visible markings so that the thief knows the bike will be more dificult to dispose of - even if broken to its component parts.
Keep the bike in a garage or shed. This means the thief can't see the bike or any additional security measures you use.
If you can't keep your bke in a building, consider using a cover to hide the bike from sight.
If possible, park in 'observed' area - overlooked by windows or CCTV
Use high-quality security equipment that a thief will recognise as difficult to remove
PIR-operated lights

Many vehicles are stolen from the owner's home after the keys have been used - sometime the house keys are used for access! Do you keep your keys (both main and spare sets) where they are easy to locate? A simple device used by many thieves is to 'fish' the keys through the house letterbox! Consider hiding keys, or using a key 'safe'. Also, consider keeping registration documents secure.


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