Sunday, 18 October 2009

Recover: Post theft

Recover: Post theft, help the police to locate the vehicle or identify parts if it has been 'broken'.

Tracking - allow police to locate vehicle (and poss. thieves). Various electronic devices can be hidden on your bike which allow the bike to be tracked if stolen.
Tagging - hidden marking e.g. transponders such as 'DataTag'.
Marking - obvious indelible marking of parts. This can be invisible marking such as UV-visible paint or 'Smartwater', or visible marking which can be done easily using letter stamps, or by scratching markings in to plastic panels (paint them with fluorescent paint as an extra deterent. If your bike has any 'distinguishing features', keep a note of them.

The majority of bikes are stolen from the rider's home - but that may not be the only place you park, so you may need to consider how portable your security choices are. The most crop-resistant chains are constructed from 16mm steel - but are not the lightest to carry with you. Try to remove the 'weakest link' from your security - there's little point in using a really strong chain and lock if the chain doesn't secure your bike to anything, or secures it to something which can easily be cropped instead.

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