Tuesday, 19 October 2010

US Police Training Video

OK, it's not actually a 'training' video in that it isn't intended to 'teach' you the viewer.

What it 'is', is a US police instructor and one of his two trainees, practicing tight turns under 'adverse' camber.

Worth noting that, in the words of the instructor . . .

"One of my trainees wouldn't even attempt (a wise move) and the other one did great until he had a HUGE brain fart and grabbed a whole lot of front brake while still in a turn. After the bike went over it slid downhill about 5' until we grabbed hold of it."


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Voyager said...

I used to teach nervous DAS students the U-tun on a hill. Nothing like that though.

Once you have learned how to do a feet-up full lock turn then the slope you do it on is pretty irrelevant. It's all down to confidence...