Thursday, 21 October 2010

Ross Noble - Nonsenory Overload!

Last week I was thoroughly entertained for two hours by the man that is Ross Noble, during a performance from his Nonsensory Overload tour.

Rather than try to describe the show, here's a quote from his web site 'reviews' page:

“All good comics are adept at weaving the odd heckler or late-comer into a stream of material. But I have never before seen anyone create an entire first half - about 50 minutes - from rapport with a couple of customers in the front stalls.” Daily Mail

Put it like this:  a few people arrived late (I don't recommend you do that).  From them came disabled Ninja warriors in wheelchairs causing grievous head injuries to a person waiting for critical medical test results, and the spectre of hooked lip poercings being used to display AlphaBeti Sphagetti . . .

If you get a chance - get tickets and go see!

And if you go see, spare some change for Rider for Health, who is is supporting.


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