Sunday, 3 October 2010

CBT by Distance Learning?

Have to admit, this had me confused.

One of the forums (yes 'fora', for the experts) I use is funded partly by advertising, with content-specific 'Ads by Google'.  Every now and again, it (the software driving the advert allocation) will understand  the content but not the context.

For example: it was with some confusion that I noticed - in the header of a motorcycle training forum - an advert for CBT;

CBT Training Course Diploma Through Distance Learning Leading UK College, Find Out More!

So, interested to know howDSA-controlled rider training could be managed on-line, I clicked on the ad.

It led to:

This Ascentis Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma course is the fundamental foundation for people looking to offer cognitive therapy either via Counselling or Psychotherapy. Many counsellors use a person centred approach, but many are now using cognitive therapy within their sessions.
This course will be a pre-requisite to further studies in this area. The course offers the student great knowledge of the subject areas in which to progress from. The course is a fascinating insight into the world of both cognitive therapy and psychotherapy and asks the students to look inwards as well as outward during their studies.

The course comprises of a series of assignments, a thesis and concludes with an online examination.

Ah!  That sort of CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy!
However, I was also intrigued to note that the final exam is an on-line multi-choice, after a series of assignments.  When I was involved in the Edexcel-accredited BTEC L3 Advanced motorcycle instructor courses, we were heavily into observation of actual training, whether real or role play.  How much easier if we could have done it all from teh comfort of our homes . . .

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