Saturday, 18 September 2010

More S Theory

Start with yesterday’s post if you haven’t already read it.

In 1992 I became involved the US-based Motorcycle Safety Foundation, which taught a simple cornering ‘system’:

Slow, Look/Lean/Roll

Slow upright and in a straight line
Look where you want to go
Lean the bike (by counter-steering)
Roll the throttle on through the turn

Like the 5xS, I was quite happy with this for several years, but moer recently have found that it wasn’t what I actually did.

So I spent some time analysing my own riding and found that I actually started to open the throttle slightly before looking and steering, although I would still roll on the throttle through the turn.

As with the 5xS, this was part of a longer re-assessment of how I taught successful cornering.

So now I’m pleased to introduce the ‘S’s of motorcycling numbers 4, 5 and 6! (Although, of course, they’re really another 1, 2, 3)

This is the Malc improved cornering system: Speed Settle Steer

Slow: set the speed for the bend, select the appropriate gear to suit

Settle: both bike and rider
– off the brakes
– check you’re relaxed and comfortable
– open the throttle to balance the bike

Steer: head and hands, look where you want to go, press to steer, roll on the throttle

This allows a rider a little bit of ‘breathing space’ as they approach the bend, which encourages a riding style where the bike enters the bend balanced and under control.

It also acknowledges that all three of head [look], hands [bars & throttle] are important elements of steering.


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