Sunday, 5 September 2010

Greg Bennett - Guardian Angels and More

One of the favourite pastimes in the Palmer household is Gregwatching. It's a bit like birdwatching: you know the likely locations, typical appearance, so sit, wait, watch . . .

And, there! It's Greg Bennett - on our TV screen, wehterh in Foyle's War, The Bill [RIP], Midsommer Murders, or any of his other TV appearances.

But Greg has more talents, including writing as well as appearing.

Read more about Greg, his colleagues, his ideas and scriptwriting here

One of his current projects is Guardian Angels. I'll let Greg explain:

“One new English DCI. Five Welsh cops. Six bodies. Seven angels on a pier…”

A series of five fifty-seven minute scripts based around a CID unit in Swansea. Rooted in the culture clash of a new English DCI with his Welsh team, it starts light then becomes a serial killer thriller – with supernatural overtones...

Centred on a core team of professionals - who enjoy a spot of banter but like to get the job done - it focuses on their private lives, the moral dilemmas they encounter and their individual spiritual journeys.

Rather than being a traditional procedural police drama, it is characterized more by elements of fantasy - with story arcs that will take key characters deeply into the world of the Paranormal...


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